In November of 2002, CABO's founding members sent email inquiries to local beaders, asking about their beading needs and interest.  The first meeting was held in January 2003 with about 45 people attending. The vision for CABO was to gather a group of people interested in jewelry and beaded crafts for these purposes: provide a place for development of new beading skills, information exchange, create a club that could find its place in the community, make a difference to people through expressing creativity, participating in opportunities, sharing common interests or making new friends.

We're proud to say we have accomplished these goals.  In 2018, CABO remains strong and continues to grow.  Our members freely share skills, techniques, mutual respect and the bonds of friendship.  Visitors and new members are always welcome.  One of the things our members most enjoy is the fact that everyone of every skill level is appreciated and respected here.   Experienced beaders are eager to share what they've learned with others who are just beginning to explore beading arts.  We're all working together to grow in the expression of art and craft through the creation of jewelry, and we invite you join us in this journey.  We look forward to more beading in 2019!